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Club Monaco is diving into the online world faster than Michael Phelps dives into a swimming pool. Okay, not the best analogy but you get the point. It has been a long time coming, but now that Club has made the leap, they aren't taking any shortcuts! Just a few weeks ago Club Monaco celebrated their first e-commerce venture by partnering with shopbop -- you can click here to peruse or purchase some of the goodies! 
Here are two fun pics from the launch party at the flagship store on 5th Avenue.

But the fun doesn't stop there. As of this week, Club Monaco has joined the blogosphere with the launch of the Club Monaco Culture Club.
Visit Club Monaco Culture Club Blog
The site is inspired by Club Monaco's long history with photography...Bert Stern and Garance Dore are just a few of the talented photographers they have commissioned in the past to shoot their lookbooks. But now, Club Monaco is enlisting you! Now through Saturday, October 30th, Club Monaco is hitting the streets and distributing over 2,500 free cameras to New Yorkers in key urban spots such as the Union Square Greenmarket, the Brooklyn Flea and Soho. As part of the blog's launch, participants will be asked to photograph anything that inspires them. Once cameras are dropped off at a Club Monaco store in New York City, the images will be developed and uploaded to the site - and even better if you drop them off by November 11, you will get 20% off! Other contributors will include Victor Demarchelier, Joe Campenelle and Pietra Gelardi from Refinery29. If you want your work posted next to these guys, then get to the haute spots fast!

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