*Trend Alert* Tribals and Tribulations

Recently I was going through my grandmothers jewelry and I came across two beautiful vintage rings that she purchased somewhere in the southwest. They are sterling silver with the perfect accents of turquoise and coral and match perfectly with the Navajo print trend we are seeing right now. I won't lie, it took a while for my wondering eye to notice the Navajo prints, but now that I have I can't get enough. Here are three of lust worthy Navajo pieces from affordable to lux!

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Navajo Print hi-top sneakers, $88

Free People, Navajo Print Sweater, $168

Julian J Smith, Navajo Silk Print Dress, $1455

PS - In case you were wondering my grandmother's rings are now in my jewelry box. Thanks Nana!  

PPS - I loved the free people sweater so much I couldn't resist it...you'll see it soon in an upcoming hautefit.

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