Not Your Grandmother's Nightgown

I love getting dressed up more than the next girl, but I would be lying if I didn’t say the first thing I liked doing when I got home was putting on some loungewear. However, I am constantly torn because the instant I put sweats on I feel, well, a little like a schlub. Now, at one point Juicy Couture fixed our problems with the ever popular velour suit, but that was a decade ago! So what’s next? Well the problem with good ol’ fashioned pajama’s is that they are…good ol’ fashion pajamas. And why is that all sweat pants and pajama pants are either too long or too short? There are cute nightgowns but most are short and you feel like you’re wearing a short skirt (but that’s because you are). This brings us to the long nightgowns, you know, the ones your grandmother wears. I love my grandmas but I don’t need to lounge in the same muu-muu they do.  So where does that leave us?
Enter the kaftan. The most under-appreciated garment. Sleek, chic, flattering and comfortable. Here are a couple of my favorites.

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