A Vision For Velvet

Okay, so I must admit, I haven’t worn velvet since I was in first grade and even then it was probably only used in an accessory such as a headband. But the past few years, I’ve started to see the plush material make a come back and up until recently I wasn’t happy about it. I couldn’t get past the images of women wearing tacky green or red velvet dresses to their holiday work party. Or for that matter, the scene in Coming to America where the barber so eloquently questions “What is it, velvet?” Possibly the best line in the movie. Anyway, I digress. As of lately I have actually started to appreciate velvet far beyond its comfy and soft texture. If done well (and in my personal opinion, done only in moderation) I think velvet can be extremely chic. A perfect example of this  is a blazer from Alexander Wang.

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