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One of my earliest memories as a child was picking out outfits from my closet and “styling” them. I would lay the clothing flat on the ground in the shape of a person. The finished look would be my outfit for the following day. Sometimes I had a weeks worth of outfits laid out and ready to wear. I was hooked. I had met my first love, fashion. Over the past few years my friends, family, colleagues and even my boyfriend have suggested I  start a fashion blog, so, welcome to Hautetype! After all what better time to start a fashion blog than during Paris Fashion Week?
Today in Paris, the following designers showed:
Anne Valerie Hash
Damir Doma
Dries Van Noten
Limi Feu
Nicolas Andrea Taralis
I’m loving Dries silk ombre, but could personally do without the flowers. However, at the same time Dries could never really go wrong, they are always effortlessly chic. I remember my first visit to the store in Paris. In fact, here is a picture of a pair of shoes I wanted from that trip (in fact, I still want them!) Ever since, jingle bells has a whole new meaning to me.

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